#1 Paul Voss by BigJohn 04.02.2018 22:08

Has Paul Voss left Big L? I only ask because he doesn't seem to be on tonight 9-midnight Sunday?

#2 RE: Paul Voss by coastie 04.02.2018 22:18


He's still with Big L, he's just been moved regards his hours. I believe he follows Cookie on a Monday and Tuesday.

#3 RE: Paul Voss by alec 04.02.2018 23:27


‎Paul Vos‎ : quote from FB

2. Februar um 15:09 ·

"Heads up for some changes in my activities for BigL: My Sunday evenig show (10-12pm UK) will be taken over by Richard Spendlove. I will start with a new show Monday afternoon 4-6pm UK. I call the show "Music to Munch by" I invite you not only to listen, but also send me receipes for Original dishes for tea. Oh and it will be a live show."

#4 RE: Paul Voss by Cookie 05.02.2018 12:08


Yes, Paul is moving from Sunday night to Monday evening. "Music to munch by", live 4-6pm Mondays. No change to Tuesdays, Paul will still be live 7-10pm.

#5 RE: Paul Voss by BigJohn 05.02.2018 13:32

The Richard Spendlove show isn't live though, is it? In fact- I think it might be syndicated since I didn't hear him mention either the time or Big L last night. Is this a step up-or a step down for Big L????

#6 RE: Paul Voss by Cookie 05.02.2018 14:15


I believe it is a syndicated live show.

#7 RE: Paul Voss by BigJohn 05.02.2018 22:00

Will listen again next week. He was certainly giving out numbers for listeners to phone in. One caller said he was ‘in his shed ‘which I thought improbable at 10.40pm - but it IS 🤕 possible!!!!

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